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What is the Process for Writing an Independent Study or Dissertation?

A master's degree is earned for students who pursue a Doctoral degree in any academic discipline, but more specifically the area of academic dissertation. As with all academic degrees, a dissertation must be written in a disciplined and methodical manner. Because it is a scholarly document, it must be well organized, structured, and referenced. When writing your master's degree dissertation, you will be required to complete a series of requirements, and complete a dissertation defense. The dissertation defense consists of an oral examination by a panel of faculty members appointed by the University.

The thesis is the most important aspect of your academic studies. Your thesis is referred to as your 'main paper.' In addition to earning your undergraduate degree, your thesis may earn you a Master's or Doctoral degree at your choice of college or university. Once you have earned your degree, your thesis may also serve as your foundation for future work or studies, as well as serve as a basis for your application for graduate-level or research-based jobs.

In most cases, when you earn your first Bachelor's degree, you are not required to submit a thesis. This is because most Bachelor's degrees are not required to enroll in most graduate schools. A Bachelor's degree typically only requires students to complete a minimum of three years of undergraduate coursework before they may apply for graduate school. If you choose to enroll in graduate school, however, your thesis can be required as part of your application. A thesis typically takes about three years to complete.

Generally, a bachelor's degree candidate must complete about three years of undergraduate coursework before they may apply for graduate school. In some cases, a thesis or dissertation requirement may be waived if a student has already completed an acceptable amount of work towards their Bachelor's degree, or if they meet other academic requirements. For students with an undergraduate degree that did not qualify them for a doctorate degree, a thesis represents the completion of all work that has been done and is the culmination of their educational experience. For students who earned a Bachelor's degree in the field of science, the duration of time between their Bachelor's degree and the submission of their thesis will vary. In most cases, a thesis is due at the end of the second year of a four-year college program, or during the third year of a university degree program.

Students who earn their first doctorate degree are typically required to write a thesis to earn their Ph.D. At first, a thesis is usually a written statement of a student's personal research and development on a specific area of study. The thesis must be limited to 500 pages and may be up to one hundred fifty pages long. In some cases, it may be required that the student re-write their entire thesis in order to submit it for acceptance to the thesis reviewing committee. For many doctoral candidates, the submission of their thesis is often the most difficult part of completing the program.

In the United Kingdom, Doctorate programs also commonly require a writing term, which is a concise description of the research question, idea, or topic of the dissertation. Writing the term of the thesis is an important part of the process, and many students find it to be even more daunting than the writing of the actual thesis. Writing the term of the thesis is often required by universities, but some schools require it be done by a committee member. In some cases, students are required to write the term of the thesis by themselves in order to satisfy the requirement for the academic credentials.

Once the thesis is ready, students may choose to have it reviewed by either faculty members or by other members of the university or school. Reviewers are responsible for finding all grammatical and structural errors in the paper. They examine the arguments of the thesis and evaluate its relevance to the field, as well as its ability to meet the specific requirements of the program for which it is being prepared. Reviewers are experts in their field and hold advanced degrees in related fields. In some cases, Ph.D. candidates will have to compile their reviews into a master's thesis, in order to fulfill the requirements for a doctoral program in that particular field.

Students need to follow all of the procedures and guidelines laid out by the program in order to prepare their independent studies and defense of their thesis. The processes must be followed exactly in order to ensure the accuracy of the research and the quality of the paper. Students should also be careful to follow the specific instructions for submission of the thesis. When writing an independent studies and defense of a thesis, students should adhere to the procedures laid out by their advisors, who are usually required to read all of the student's work and make their comments on it before they allow the thesis to be submitted.

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